We want to give a boost to the development of live music during our various events all year long, as well as on our regular Friday nights. Musicians bring to the dance an energy and an enthusiasm that all dancers really appreciate.

Four musicians currently play regularly for the Lyon Branch: Corinne and Diana (violin), Mélissa (piano), Claire (flute), and Milena (cello). They are the Roaring Lyons. Traditionally, Scottish Country Dancing is danced to the music of accordions, pianos, violins or flutes, but all instruments are welcome. Some fast dances demand a relatively strong technique but most are accessible.

We also have a partnership with the young musicians from the Paris branch, who come over regularly to play for us. The Lyon musicians take part in the Paris events.

If you want to join us with your instrument, please contact Mélissa: music@rscds-lyon.fr