Date Danse Type Niveau (D/I/A)
17/03/18 The Castle of Mey R32 A
The Shorter The Longer S32 A
Christine M Phillips J32 A
A Summer Meeting S32 A
Round Reel of Eight R88 A
Six Teas a Day R32 A
17/03/17 May the 4th be with you R32 D
Stroll Around Nerja S32 D
The Isle J32 I
Dr. Quarrie’s Birthday S32 A
The Pretty Bride of Préty R32 A
17/03/10 Kendall’s Hornpipe J32 D
Monymusk S32 D
My Mother’s coming in R32 I
Crom Allt R32 I
17/02/17 Well done Jack J32 A
The Charmer J32 A
Haughs o’ Cromdale S16 A
Just as I was in the Morning J40 A
Cairn Edward J24 A
The Bonnie Tree S32 A
Fraser’s Favourite R32 A
17/02/10 Palindrome R24 D
Katoomba Mist R32 D
Buckshaw Reel R32 D
The Flight of the Falcon J32 I
Ye’ll Aye be Welcome Back Again S32 I
17/01/27 Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel J32 D
Flowers of Edinburgh R32 D
The Banks of Clyde S32 I
From Scotia’s Shores We’re Noo Awa’ S32 A
Midnight Oil J48 A
17/01/21 Le Papillon J32 D
The Happy Meeting J32 I
May Yarker’s Strathspey S32 I
The Three Shires R32 I
Drumtochty Glen S32 I
Tap The Barrel R32 D
17/01/20 Johnny Groat’s House R32 D
Espie McNabb J32 D
Inch of Perth S32 D
The Merry Dancers J32 I
The Rose of the North S32 A
Cairn Edward J24 I
17/01/13 The Flying Scotsman J32 D
Virginia Reel R40 D
Well done Jack J32 D
Lady Glasgow S32 D
Joie de Vivre J32 D
Hamilton House J32 I
Best Set in the Hall J32 A
17/01/06 The Bramble Bush J32 D
Jimmy’s Fancy S32 D
Pelorus Jack J32 D
16/12/09 Staffin Harvest S32 A
Roaring Jelly J32 A
Minard Castle R40 A
The Bonnie Tree S32 A
Blooms of Bon Accord R32 A
16/12/02 The Music Makars R32 D
The Countess of Dunmore’s Reel R32 I
Memories of Mary Ann S32 I
A Trip to the Drakensberg J40 A
16/11/19 Knit the Pocky R32 D
Mathilde is a Delight S32 D
Orpington Caledonians R32 I
It Wisnae Me S32 I
Pinewoods Reel R32 A
The Elephant’s Stampede J48 A
16/11/11 Granville Market J32 D
Adieu Mon Ami S32 I
The Deil amang the Tailors R32 I
The Zoologist J32 A
16/10/14 Miss Allie Anderson J32 D
Karin’s Strathspey S32 I
The Garden City Jubilee S32 A
Double Trouble Triangles R48 A
16/10/07 Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel J32 D
The Birks of Invermay S32 D
The Iona Cross M192 I
Pinewoods Reel R32 I
The Library of Birmingham S40 A
16/09/30 Virginia Reel R40 D
The Reel of the 51st Division  R32 D
The Deil amang the Tailors R32 D
The Valentine S32 I
Midsummer Common S32 A
The Inimitable Derek R32 A
Double Trouble Triangles R48 A
16/09/16 The Flying Scotsman J32 D
Knit the Pocky R32 D
The Machine without Horses J32 D
The Button Boy R32 I
Karin’s Strathspey S32 I
Alex Doig’s Jig J32 A
The Zoologist J32 A
16/09/09 Orpington Caledonians R32 I
Sugar Candie S32 A
Lyon Rosette J32 A
16/09/02 The Spring Fling Reel R40 I
Shadow J32 I
Mathilde is a Delight S32 I
Les Remparts de Séville J32 A
A Trip to Applecross R32 A
La Baratte your Way Home R40 A